Doctor of Philosophy – University of California, San Diego, September 2000
Department of Economics
Dissertation: Analytical Evaluation and Application of Tests for Cointegration
Thesis Advisor: Prof. Graham Elliott

Visiting Scholar – University of California, Berkeley, September 1993 – August 1994
EAP program – Department of Economics

Bachelor of Arts – Universita’ di Padova, Italy, July 1993
Statistics and Economics Sciences

Professional Positions

Associate Professor – Emory University
September 2007 – Present
Department of Economics (Dept. Chair 2010-2013)

Assistant Professor – Emory University
August 2000 – August 2007
Department of Economics

Other Professional Positions

Senior Fellow – Rimini Center for Economics Analysis (RCEA)
June 2013-Present

Visiting Associate Professor – University of Padova
January 2008- March 2008
Department of Economics

Jean Monnet Fellow – European University Institute, Florence, Italy
January 2006 – June 2006
Department of Economics

Visiting Assistant Professor – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
September 2005 – December 2005
Department of Economics

Research Assistant – University of California, San Diego
September 1995 – September 2000
Department of Economics

Research Assistant – Nicholas Applegate Capital Management
September 1998 – September 1999
Research Department

Teaching Assistant – University of California, San Diego
September 1995 – September 2000
Department of Economics

Research Interests

  • Time Series Analysis and Econometrics. Evaluation and comparison of cointegration tests, IRF for VAR with local to unity roots.
  • International Macroeconomics: Modeling of real exchange rates and study of the PPP theory.
  • Macroeconomics: Inventories and output fluctuations.

Teaching Experience

  • Statistics, Applied Econometrics, Time Series Analysis (Graduate course)
  • Economic Forecasting / Econometrics (Undergraduate course)
  • Probability and Statistics, Econometrics

Graduate Students

  • Mwzandile Ginindza: “Three Essays in Empirical Macroeconomics” (Main Thesis Advisor)
  • Debdulal Mallick: “What We Know or Do Not Know About the Elasticity of Substitution: Four Essays on Growth Theory” (Thesis Committee Member)
  • Qi Zhu : “Four Essays on Consumer Preferences and Asset Pricing” (Thesis Committee Member)
  • Yan Liu: “Three Essays in Financial Econometrics” (Main Thesis Advisor, Co-Chair)
  • Hisham Foad: “Better In or Out? Assessing the impact of the European Monetar Union on cross-country price convergence, foreign direct investment, and foreign portfolio investment.” (Main Thesis Advisor, Co-Chair )
  • Eric Hallerberg: “An Economic Analysis of Currency Unions: The CFA Franc Zone” (Thesis Committee Member)


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“Unit Roots, Cointegration and Pre-Testing in VAR Models” (with Ana Maria Herrera and Nikolay Gospodinov),  Advances in Econometrics: VAR Models in Macroeconomics – New Developments and Applications: Essays in Honor of Christopher A. Sims, Vol. 32, 2013, pp.1-35.

Working Papers  and Work in Progress

“Near-Optimal Unit Root Test with Stationary Covariate with Better Finite Sample Size”

“Higher Power Tests for no Cointegration”

“The co-movement between inventory investment and sales.”

Editorial Board

Board of Editors: Empirical Economics.

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